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Viranda Irene Slappy, Author

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Isn’t it amazing as well annoying having a loving relationship or marriage that is at RISK due to the constant deployment to Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Iran.  Do you find yourself needing some type of inspirational guidance that will help you breakthrough the turmoils in your life?  Or do you just want to get the facts base on true real-life experience how to cope with the stress that has embarked in your lifestyle changing your dreams forever?   Reading Viranda’ s novels will provide YOU with advice and secrets of how to overcome the drama in your life.  Don’t wait until tomorrow to learn the secret’s of how to prevail the stress in your relationship, marriage or raising your teenagers.  Matter of fact, get your copy now of these amazing novels that has brought many astonishing breakthrough with coping with relationships drama in their life finding the path to making their dreams come true.

How many of you are seeking resolutions coping with stress among the family?  As we all know, the military family are definitely overwhelm with stress among the family during the war. Divorce and suicide rate due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is steady on the rise, while families are searching for comfort and inspirational resolutions. 

Author Viranda Slappy has written novels that will express key factors scenario how to cope with stress among the community overcoming the turmoil’s that destroys families’ unity.  Why is unity important in family?  Can relationships survive infidelity, substance abuse, divorce, teenage pregnancy and single parenting while the soldiers are on the battlefield? 

You will also discover the Golden Key information how to prepare for military retirement and purchasing your first home using VA loans.  These are just some of the scenario you will discover in Til Death Do Us Part:  A Marriage Survives The Stress Of Military Life and new release Vision of Change Sequel Of Til Death Do Us Part: A Marriage Survives The Stress Of Military Life. This site is designs to bring helpful resourceful information of knowledge, skill and ability to improve a family quality living.

Remember the key to success is sharing your life with the one you love, accomplishing your goals, working as a team, embracing hope and faith in all that you do in order to make your dreams come true.  No one is perfect…we all fall short, even the soldier who stand tall in unity as they fight for freedom for all mankind.

For first time visitors, take your time and navigate through this site and explore the opportunity of getting your family back on track by navigating through the information this site have to offer.  Besides, what do you have to lose...quit feeling sorry for yourself and take control of your life and family.  

For every successful man or woman you will find a spouse who is very supportive in all they do.  It takes a family who has the same goals in order to be successful.  In order for Jesus to walk on the water of the seas he had to believe in the almighty God who believe in him providing him with power to walk on the water of the seas. As for Peter, who saw Jesus walk on the water of the seas, he join Jesus on the seas and he began to walk until he was distractive by the sound of a boisterous wind, which cause him to panick and lose his faith.  He then began to sink in the water of the seas until Jesus extend his hand pull him out of the sea. The distraction and lack of faith caused Peter to fail. (St. Matthew chapter 14 , verses 28-32) For mankind, it's the same is key and answer to success, in your home, career, relationship and family.  Define what it is you want out life, set the path, stay focus and you will be a winner in all things that you desire.


Viranda  Slappy

Imperial Deputy of Oasis, Fayum Ct, Manhattan, Kansas

Former Imperial Deputy of the Oasis, Fayum Court #192 Desert of Kansas from 2007 thru 2013, Manhattan, Kansas

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Til Death Do Us Part: A Marriage Survives The Stress Of Military Life and Generation Impact: An American Family Turmoil contact: AuthorHouseTM
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Vision of Change Sequel of Til Death Do Us Part:
A Marriage Survives The Stress Of Military Life
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